How to Make Money Blogging: What the Pros Do

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While it’s easy enough to start a hobby blog, it’s harder to learn how to make money blogging. But you need to think about how to monetize your blog from the beginning, even if you’re a total newbie.


How to Make Money Blogging: What the Pros Do hostingoffer

How to Make Money Blogging: What the Pros Do hostingoffer


How to make money blogging: 13 effective ways + examples

1. Use affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways to make money blogging. What is affiliate marketing, exactly?

It involves partnering with brands to recommend products or services. If a customer clicks on your personal affiliate link to make a purchase, you’ll make a commission. The customer won’t have to pay anything extra, but you’ll make money.



2. Become an Amazon associate

The Amazon Associates program is a form of affiliate marketing, but I thought it deserved its own category on this list of ways to make money blogging.



3. Promote Ultimate Bundles

Another potentially lucrative opportunity for you as a blogger is promoting Ultimate Bundles. Ultimate Bundles collects some of the best digital ebooks, worksheets, and other digital resources into educational bundles.




4. Sell ebooks, cheatsheets, and other digital products

When you use affiliate marketing, you’re promoting someone else’s products or services on your site. But when it comes to how to make money blogging, you could also consider creating and selling your own products.




5. Create and sell online courses

Creating and selling an online course is another highly effective way to monetize your blog. The e-learning industry is exploding, and economists predict that it will be worth $325 billion by 2025.




6. Provide freelancing services

Lots of bloggers provide freelancing services, whether in the form of writing, editing, marketing, or another area of expertise.




7. Become a coach

As a blogger, your primary goal might be creating streams of passive income so you can make money while you sleep.




8. Do B2B consulting

Besides working one-on-one with individual clients, you could also offer consulting to businesses (B2B = business to business).



9. Sell sponsored posts

As a blogger, you can provide major value to brands in the form of advertising and promotion. Companies and brands (or the public relations firms that work with them) might pay you to review their products or post one of their articles on your site.




10. Create a membership site

Once you’ve built a community of readers, you could launch a subscription-based membership site to monetize your blog.




11. Earn ad revenue

When thinking about how to make money blogging, your first thought might be ads. So why did I put ad revenue so far down on this list?

Well, it’s really hard to earn much money through ad revenue unless you’ve got a ton of blog visitors. For instance, you’re probably not going to make much through Google AdSense unless you’ve got hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.





12. Get a book publishing deal

Bloggers who have attracted a large and highly engaged audience may land a book deal from a major publishing company.




13. Sell your blog

A final way to make money blogging is to sell your blog. I know, I know, many of you probably have absolutely no intention of selling your blogging baby.