How Much Bandwidth Does My Website Need?

The amount of bandwidth your website needs to perform well for visitors depends on a few main factors:

  • The number of visitors that come to your website
  • How big your website is (in terms of number of pages)
  • How much rich content your website hosts. If your website is image rich, it will require more bandwidth to perform well than one that’s primarily text. If it has a lot of audio, video, or downloadable content, your needs will be even higher.


For small businesses that have simple websites with just a few pages and limited content, your bandwidth needs will be basic as well. The majority of personal websites and small business sites will get all the bandwidth they need from a shared hosting plan



Bigger businesses, organizations, and media sites will often have needs beyond the amount of bandwidth available on a shared plan. The next step up is a virtual private server (VPS) plan



For especially large, complex websites that see a lot of traffic, you may need to go even beyond a VPS and invest in a dedicated server plan. Dedicated server hosting


That’s where cloud hosting comes in handy. Cloud hosting web plans make it easy for you to scale up and down as needed