Hosting is the most important thing for making your website live. To make your website faster, user-friendly, and lucrative you have to use the best hosting on the market. In Bangladesh, finding the best web hosting is very hard. Due to this, you have to find the best web hosting company in Bangladesh. 

Currently, hundreds of hosting companies are offering a variety of hosting packages for their clients. But not all of them are good to fulfill your demand. Due to this, you have to know the parameter of choosing the best web hosting in Bangladesh.

In the following, we are mentioning the 10 parameters which you should keep in mind before buying hosting for your website. Please make sure you are checking all these parameters before checking out.    

Here are the list of thing you have to look before you buy hosting for your website:

  1. Server reliability & uptime     

In terms of buying hosting, the web host should be available 24/7 and perfectly stable so that your site visitors and subscribers can avail of it irrespective of their location. At the same time, uptime should be above 99 percent whereas 99.5 percent uptime is considered as the normal standard.

 and so, you just need to choose a premium hosting plan. As telling lies about the hosting service is an ongoing trend often done by the maximum hosting providers in Bangladesh. 

You should consider users’ reviews before buying and selecting hosting providers. Furthermore, transparency can also be ensured by tracking their uptime with the use of server monitoring tools.

  1. Hosting Speed 

The importance of hosting speed is a burning question while you are trying to fix the problems of sluggish site loading, a decrease in the site’s SEO, and many more. Recently, website speed has become a celebrated factor for search engine ranking algorithms.

Besides, the embodiment of the perfect catching method, Nginx, and the latest PHP to host pages contributes a lot to ensure lightning speed for your websites. 

Before selecting your hosting provider among the available ones in the Bangladesh market, do explore their customer reviews and feedback with the assessment of their technical capabilities.

  1. Add-on Domain & Website options

The opportunity of having many websites, subdomains as well as domain results in many benefits, for instance; creating more traffic for the site, promotion of site’s enrichment, popularity, and many more. 

Usually, multiple domains and website access are offered from a single web hosting provider. While considering a perfect one, what you need to bear in mind is that a perfect hosting providing company must allow at least 50 domain add-ons.

As there are many hosting providers in our country, you need to make a cost comparison among the available ones and consider the service plans that allow new domains for scaling over time.

  1. Customer service quality

Customer service quality is often and ideally measured by how much the company is effective and speedy in terms of providing support for technical problems. 

Your priority should be involved with the company that offers 24/7 client support and has the chat support along with social media visibility as it makes you out of the lengthy process of mailing them to seek support. 

Additionally, you should give priority to the company that has an in-house customer support team.

  1. Backup & Security Options

Regular web data backup takes a great concentration to be away from many unexpected situations like destruction or replacement of your site’s index.php file, server or local hard disk failures, and many more. 

It surely makes you feel secure while you are going through situations like these. So, before choosing your hosting provider, be sure about their backup protection.

A trusted and secure hosting solution is also a considerable factor while selecting a hosting provider. In Bangladesh, many hosting companies offer hosting services with malware and DDOS attack protection inbuilt in your hosting plans. Take them into consideration while selecting.

  1. Hosting renew cost

Be cautious about the signup and hosting renewal costs. It is seen that most of the hosting companies offer the cheapest signup deals whereas their monthly renewal fee is much more expensive. 

So, it is suggested to check the terms of service of hosting rates and actual features they offer for each plan to avoid any future problems. 

  1. Hosting upgrade options

The owner whose website does not require high traffic volumes, he/she can think over a shared hosting option as it gives several plans for promoting your site. At present, the influence of shared hosting services is becoming great.

With the growth of your website and upgradation plan for a powerful one to meet website demand is required to handle the growing database and content basis needs.

So, there should be an open conversation that when you need to upgrade your plan, the migration process should be easy and economical.

  1. Refund policy

Before confirming a hosting provider, certain things are must to take into consideration. Firstly, you should access a free-trial opportunity to assess their overall service quality. 

You should be guaranteed money back if you choose to opt-out of the plan. 

Furthermore, be sure whether the company charges cancellation fees and know thoroughly about their refund policy at the end of the trial period.

  1. Initial hosting plan & packages

All the hosting providers in Bangladesh offer a bunch of packages and hosting plans to ensure customers’ satisfaction through meeting their website’s demand.

Before choosing and confirming one, spare some time on their offered plans and packages to know the pros and cons and compare them with other companies’ offers and packages. If needed, ask them for more information needed to match and compare with the available ones.

  1. User account & cPanel/Plesk/WHM Access 

You are suggested to learn all the information related to your user account along with potential benefits. 

In most cases, hosting providers offer a third party control panel software like cPanel or Plesk. Because of being a newcomer in the hosting area with your very first site, you don’t have any specific choice over control panel environments or software.

Regular use of any of them will make you an expert one to decide the more given benefits of them. 

If you want to ensure the best hosting service experience from the available hosting providers in Bangladesh. Please consider these simple hacks to be benefited financially & technically.